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The Basics: What is Drug Addiction

What is drug addiction

What Is Drug Addiction?

What is drug addiction? According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, addiction is defined as a chronic disease which is characterized by uncontrollable, compulsive drug use and ... Read More →

Stricter Visitation Policies in Westchester County Jail after Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

marijuana addiction

Stricter Visitation Policies in Westchester Jail after Marijuana Overdoses

After a recent string of synthetic marijuana overdoses in the Westchester County jail, jail officials have decided to tighten up on their visitation policies. There had been easy passage of the... Read More →

Addiction is a Disease: Russell Brand’s Journey


Addiction is a Disease: Russell Brand’s Journey

Addiction is a disease that requires constant vigilance. The mentality and behavior of many addicts and alcoholics is absolutely irrational until they come to a dead end and understand they are entirely powerless over this compulsive habit. ... Read More →

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