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Drug Treatment Centers White Plains

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Drug Treatment Centers White Plains

Addiction can lead to serious physical and psychological health complications. Addicts, especially alcoholics, can experience intense withdrawal when trying to quit on their own. Individuals dealing with chemical dependency need to seek help from a rehab facility. Drug treatment centers White Plains can help you locate treatment services.

One of the best ways to treat several disorders caused by addiction is through residential treatment. Drug treatment centers White Plains can review your options with you. Rehab facilities offer the most efficient recovery tools for chemical dependency treatment. The ultimate goal of treatment programs is to make sure every patient attain sobriety. Those who join programs have more opportunities to succeed in recovery. Alcohol and drug treatment can be a lengthy and challenging process, but with commitment and diligence, you can live a happier and healthier, drug-free life.

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Stages of Alcohol Drug Treatment

The first phase of substance abuse treatment is detox. This occurs right after a person stops abusing drugs. Due to the unpredictability of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, detox should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

The second stage is rehab. Residential drug rehab centers are generally the best places to go through this treatment process. Patients live in these facilities for some time and receive specialized care. Some patients may prefer an outpatient setting in which they can receive therapy and participate in an AA or NA meetings.

The third phase is maintenance. This is a life-long process. Statistics prove that it is possible to maintain sobriety indefinitely. Also, those who relapse have more chances to go back to treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient facilities house their patients for the duration of treatment, providing counseling, education, and activities designed to help them curb their addiction and find a healthier way to deal with stress and the situations which triggered the patient to use in the first place.

Most treatment programs of this kind have very specific regimens and require the patient to leave their routine behind for a few weeks or months to complete the treatment. For some individuals in recovery, this may be good idea, as it gives them an opportunity to get away from negative situations and provides breathing room to learn how to live without alcohol or drugs.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs

In this kind of treatment, the patient does not go into a facility. Many programs allow their participants to carry on with their normal lives, living in their own home and continuing to work. For those whose alcohol or drug use and abuse is not spurred on by a current negative situation, this can be very useful.

Support Groups 

Another form of substance abuse rehabilitation comes in the form of support groups. Programs like Alcohol Anonymous help individuals build a support network that can encourage sobriety.

Alternative therapies

Medications used in addiction treatment alone cannot treat chemical dependency. This approach to treatment should be combined with other methods. Having a variety of therapeutic options guarantees the success of treatment and provides the necessary recovery tools to prevent a relapse and secure long-term sobriety.   

About substances of abuse

Cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and crack are several of the most popular illicit drugs in New York. As their use continues to grow, other drugs are infiltrated through the state’s borders and surrounding regions. New York controls most of the drug traffic in the entire Northeast, which stretches as far as Maryland and Illinois.  Drug dealers take advantage of New York’s shipping industry, mobile technology and mass transit in order to expand. They are also developing resistance to current law enforcement.

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